What are you?

You are a magical balloon,

bobbing through the candy-floss filled sky.


You are a posh poodle

sleeping peacefully.


You are a frisbee,

spinning pirouettes above the scorching sun.


You are a steak knife,

piercing through a slice of beef.


You are a Welsh Dragon,

as red a Snow White’s blood.


You are a Siberian tiger,

as rare as a rutted ruby.


You are a sloth ,

sitting in a sunburnt sloe tree.


You are a squirrel,

scampering through the saddening snow.

3 Responses to “What are you?”

  1. Hi,

    1. I like the fact that you have used animals such as the squirrel reference.
    2. What made you think of Snow White’s blood ? It’s a great idea.
    3. Instead of the “You are a steak knife” you could use something like “You are a poison apple piercing the slice of beef.

    Overall i really like your poem and i think you area great writer.


  2. Hi
    A very good poem We really liked the one about the frisbee maybe you could tell us what coloured squirrel it is?

  3. 1.I like how you used bobbing though the candy floss filled sky.
    2.Is the candy floss the clouds?
    3.Maybe you could of used a adjective for beef like juicy!

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