What are you?

You are a gold spot-light,

shining down on the earth.


You are the smell of a mouth watering shortbread biscuit,

fresh out of the oven.


You are as soothing as a violin

playing a sad song.


You are a ray of sunshine

captured in my pocket.


You are the sound of a hedgehog rustling,

in the beautiful autumn leaves.


You are the breeze that rustles in the leaves,

like a bag of crisps.

2 Responses to “What are you?”

  1. 1.I love the shortbread verse,it makes me want to eat shortbread! The poem is fabulous.
    2. Where did you get your ideas from?
    3. I would love to have read more verses.

  2. 1.I think your poem is amazing. I really like the verse where you wrote about the gold spotlight shining down on the Earth.
    2.Did you have any help from Teachers or friends?
    3.Maybe you could say what sad song it is.

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