You are …

You are a shiny star sparkling in the night sky.

You are a small ant but equal in courage.

You are a bright red strawberry but not embarrassed in what you do in life.

You are Mount Everest towering over your fellow mountains.

You are a brave warrior stuck in a cage of flames hopelessly waiting for life to end.

You are the taste of victory but the smell of defeat.

You are boredness waiting for a sunny day of enjoyment.

You are the Earth holding up the world.

You are the taste of bitterness secretly eating sugar- full sweets.

You are the smell of perfume but the stink of dirt.

You are the memory of World War 2 finally surrendering to life.

You are the distance of a happy birthday boy and a sad man who just got fired from his job.

You are the number 8 , having a lucky life.

You are the month August , bringing warmth in every word you say.

You are the planet Jupiter , your heart as cold as stone.

You are you.


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