You are poem

You are a poodle
Trotting through the park,
Like a horse.

You are a light
Blinding people,
Like the sun.

You are the smell of of an orange
In the teachers pocket.

You are a coat
As wet as the grass after it has rained.

You are a rainbows end
Waiting for what will never come.

You are the impossibility of
Quite children,
A warm freezer,
Clean bin.

You are mud
Always smelling bad,
Like a skunk.

You are a bed
Always waiting to get made.

You are a number 6
With a snails back.

 You are a tissue
Lying around the house.

One Response to “You are poem”

  1. Sophie and Freya October 1, 2020 at 10:25 am

    You are such a good writer and you build a really strong picture in my head as I read it.
    1. You can write really powerful poems and other things. I really like the line “You are a number 6
    With a snails back.”
    2. Why is a poodle like a horse trotting through the park?
    3. Maybe you could add a bit more on “You are a bed
    Always waiting to get made.”But apart from that it is a great poem and keep up the hard work and good ideas.
    Sophie and Freya

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