Seasonal Haiku By Aiza

Crunching snow on the floor 

     Windows frosty birds tweet children’s laughter,

     Icy floor transparent like glitter.


Radiators purr like a cat 

Milk bottles on the door step about to burst,

Hanging lights start to appear.


Bells ring from the sky

Gifts waiting to get unwrapped,

Laughter of kids joy.


3 Responses to “Seasonal Haiku By Aiza”

  1. Hiiiii Aiza
    I love this piece of writing!!!!
    1) The second paragraph is amazing.
    2) On the last paragraph how are the bells ringing.
    3) may he you can add a bit more to the last paragraph
    But I love your writing and your whole class is fabulous

  2. Hi Aiza
    1. I really like the line crunching snow on the floor.
    2. Where did you get the idea from?
    3. Can you change it like this the snow crunched on the as I stepped on it.
    You’re amazing! keep writing.

  3. Hi Aiza it’s Jack and Harvey from MrGs Emporium.
    1) we really like the line Radiators purr like a cat.
    2) with Milk bottles on the door step about to burst why are they about to burst
    3)on Gifts waiting to get unwrapped maybe you Could add on Christmas Day

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