7 Responses to “Seasonal Haikus-By Olivia”

  1. Hi Olivia, it’s Sophie from the Emporium.
    What a great poem this is and it has some good vocabulary. It builds a really powerful image in my head.
    1. I really like the line “ The fire roars.” It’s so powerful, it’s a great line.
    2. Why are children screaming?
    3. Maybe you could add a bit about Summer perhaps.
    Well done Olivia yet again it’s a great poem.

    Sophie from the Emporium.
    You could be a poet when your older because it’s that great!

  2. Hi Olivia
    1.I really like the line the fire roars.
    2. Where did you get the idea from?
    3. Olivia can you change it like this the fire roars like a lion. Keep up with the hard work your amazing Never ever give up.

  3. Hello Olivia
    I really like the line “chocolate gets consumed”
    Why did you put grass gets cut short?
    Maybe you could extend that and make it grass gets cut short in the summer garden.
    Well done Olivia.

  4. Hi Olivia!
    My names Bella I love your writing you’ve done this brilliantly you’ve really thought about what your writing.
    1.Im so impressed and proud of you your so amazing !
    2.Why is grass getting cut short?
    3.Tell me why the grass gets cut short?
    Apart from that I’m very proud and impressed well done!keep this up.

  5. Hi Olivia. Great poem.
    1.I really like the line “Chicks tweet” it shows its spring.
    2. On the line “fires roars” what colour is the fire is it red, orange or yellow?
    3. With this line “chocolate gets consumed” perhaps you could say what type of chocolate it is.
    Over all it’s a really great poem.
    Jax and Zoe.

  6. Hi Olivia,
    My name is Alicia you have written a really good Haiku, I could read yours all day. I like the part about the children snoring, makes me think of being tucked up in bed on Christmas Eve.
    Have you thought about trying to write a part for each season?

  7. Hi Olivia! My name is Justas and I’m from the Emporium and I’m very proud of this writing
    1.I love the line “fire roars”
    2.Why is the Fire roaring?
    3.Maybe you could add a bit more writing
    But apart from that Well done!!

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