Melanie And Katie: Shy and Snazzy

Melanie and Katie: Shy and Snazzy

Melanie gently pushed open the door, knowing she was late. The minute she passed the threshold of the classroom, the class’s eyes shot towards her. Melting into her chair, she muttered, “Sorry im late.” Mr Brime groaned on about decimals while Melanie bit her lip in frustration. She couldn’t process the furious glare her dad gave only an hour ago.

Not a second later, Katie flew into the classroom, happily skipped in and collapsed into her chair opposite Melanie. “Morning Mr.B!” she chuckled unashamedly, intruding on the maths lesson. ” I would have come earlier, you see, but I was too busy doing my hair and couldn’t fetch the bus in time.”

Katie dug a frilly pink notebook and a matching pencil out of her lime green rucksack and pretended to be extremely interested by Mr Brimes explanation of how to convert a fraction to a decimal, as if it was the most fascinating thing that ever hit her ears. Melanie wasn’t listening. She was still flushed crimson with embarrassment and kept thinking, “What did I do to make dad so upset?” She kept constantly thinking these thoughts and all clogged her mind. While Katie hummed calmly and passed notes to her friends under the tables, Melanie stared at her feet, wishing she was as popular as Katie; Toby, however, knew how she felt.

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