Normandy Beach By Cole TJS

Private Daniels was a short skinny man with short gold locks. Him and his fellow soldiers were being transported to Normandy Beach. As they arrived Biplane artillery lit up the sky, whilst the loud bang of gunshots filled the atmosphere below. Fear flooded Daniels’s mind. “FORWARD!” A deep voice yelled, as Daniels dropped his rifle a few times due to his buttery fingers. Finally he gripped his gun tightly and moved closer to the Germans firing their machine guns in towers from above. The troops marched onto the shore. Bullets flew towards them. 


“GET DOWN DOWN MEN, OR WE WILL BE DEAD FASTER THAN YOU CAN SAY BIPLANE!” The voice boomed again. The angry Sargent Pierson, a tall muscular man with a scary voice and face, forced his troops down, with one signal from his old wrinkled hands. “DANIELS! LIGHT IT UP WITH A BANGER!”
“Ok” replied Daniels, stuttering. He grabbed a an explosive device named a banger, from his pocket, activated it, and threw it at the solid wall, built up by the *****. “FIRE IN THE HOLE!” Daniels shouted.


BOOM! The banger exploded, and blew the wall apart. Daniels was sent flying back. “I got him!” Shouted a voice. A small man with a brown bowl cut covered by his helmet, sprinted over to Daniels with a first aid kit. “Hi” the man said. “My name’s Willie”. Willie grabbed the first aid kit and helped Daniels get back to his feet. How are you not dead, Daniels thought, you have no gun. “Thanks a ton” said Daniels. However their conversation was interrupted by the angry Sargent Pierson, “Do you want me to set you two for a candlelight dinner, OR DO YOU WANT TO HELP ME WIN A WAR HERE! Pierson shouted. “Yes Sargent.” The terrified duo replied. 

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