Lexi opened the door, slides int the room and lyded behind the others.” Sorry I’m late” she explained looking at her fingernails , trying not to scratch anyone . Mrs King rabbited on and on about fronted adverbials while Lexi uttered over what had happened . She could not forget the look on her dads face when they had slammed the door .

At That Moment , Evelien shoved the classroom door Ambled in and chucked his backpack down bayside the living room sofa . Morning Mrs King ,” she mumbled , interrupting the year 5 SPAG lesson with a grin . “I would have been with u earlier but I was doing social distancing at the CO OP and missed it .”

Evelien kicked a notebook and pencil across the room , she layed back and gave her best impression of being fascinated by Mrs King’s explanation concerning the way in which adverbials  were a ‘moveable feast ‘. Jack didn’t hear what was being said as he replayed the events of the morning . Evelien pretended to listen as she planned her next step ; Max drank in every word.

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