Susan – a murderer

Olivia sprung through the door proudly and sat down in a back seat. “Hey!! Sorry I’m late, I had to buy my packed lunch at the baker,” she exclaimed, sliding her coat off and getting her things out of her bag. Whispering to her friends, she flicked on her iPad and got on with the set work. A grin spread across her face as she started to type.

Just a moment later, Susan sauntered menacingly into the room, making all eyes darted back to their work. Her blood shot eyes seeked out anyone who was looking’s soul. “Hello everyone! I’m the new transfer student, my name is Susan. Susan Ro”. Suddenly, Olivia and her friends burst out laughing. Susan was really confused and her murderous smile faded. Her desk was right next to Olivia’s and soon enough Susan was following her everywhere. 

In a few months, Susan knew everything about everyone in the class. One day, Olivia went missing. The next week, her corpse was found in Susan’s basement along with 20 others that she had hung. Many of Olivia’s friends corpses were also in there and before any more harm could be done the leader of the navy had hung Susan herself. Her last words were ‘I’ll be back! Don’t you worry about me!’ 

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