Abandoned hotel

Sneaking out of the house, Sarah tried to whisper but she bumped into the dog called Coco. Sarah let Coco outside and then Coco came back.Sarah quietly closed the door behind her.

15 minutes later, Sarah tip toed Out of the drive way. Sarah ran through the forest and at the end of the forest there was an abandoned hotel. She really exploded the bedrooms first. Then she explored the kitchen and the rest of the rooms.

Sarah went to the back garden she gasped in excitement! There was a theme park Sarah sat against the abandoned roller coaster. It was here that Sarah had first seen the ghost holding treasure and Sarah wondered if she could find it again. Sarah fell asleep against the roller coaster.

Sarah woke with start, there was somebody or something watching her behind the roller coaster. Then Sarah ran into the forest.

Leaving her dreams of roller coasters behind her Sarah stared into the darkness. When Sarah  reached The end of  the forest she couldn’t see creature that was watching her it was like it had swallowed its secrets.

Sarah made it back home and ran up stairs and fell straight to sleep. She woke up because she heard somethings say BOO!!! BOO !!! BOO!!!

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