Deadly doom

Alex was a 10 year old girl who loved to watch horror films, she loved to explore haunted lifeless places such as misty rotten forests or abandoned streets. One night Alex had a idea, she wanted to explore that haunted hospital down the road. The reason why is because she had been hearing stories about a deadly doctor in one of the rooms that will kill anything in its path. But Alex wasn’t afraid of anything.

Alex put her coat and shoes on and left the warm house. It was Pitch black outside due to the fact that it was only 3 o’clock in the morning. She ran down the street towards the hospital. When she got there she had to squeeze through the gaps in the shattered glass. When she got inside all she saw was scrap paper and tipped over furniture.

Alex started sneaking through the narrow  hallway as the lights flickered. When she reached the right hallway with all of the rooms in she began to search all of the rooms. When she was just about the leave the last room until at the corner of her eye she noticed a green light coming from under the bed. She silently crept towards the bed but all that she saw was a blanket are rather mysterious blanket. Alex shoved  the blanket out of the way. She kept from under the bed and ran out of the room heading towards the lift without hesitation she turned around and saw a huge metal creature with a ginormous green hood and cape with toxic green glowing eyes. It started smashing the walls and the lights trying to hit her.she reached the lift and run outside through the gaps in the shattered glass She ran up the street and back into the house she ran back to her bed saying to herself “I am never going to leave this house”Alex clutched her cover and suddenly herd growling….

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