character by Seb


Ellis  jumped onto his bottom bunk lousily as if he had no soul.  In his sleep,  he dreamed about setting everyone in the world who was a slave or who had to work free but , when he woke he knew no such thing could ever happen. As he lumbered along,  he noticed a new boy had arrived. He knew that he was new because his hair was shaved and there was not even a single strand left on his head which looked like a big boiled egg.After a while it was lunch so he went and slumped himself down and gobbled. Right after lunch Ellis felt butterflies in his stomach and shivers running down his spine because he was planning … That night he slicked like a cat through twists and turns and finally he was past  bash street ,then lamb close,and finally Victoria crescent… HE WAS FREE!


Ethan waddled behind Mr De Maio.  When Mr De Maio  finally turned his way he shouted “NOW GO AND GET YOUR DINNER AND THEN IT’S WORK TIME FOR YOU MWU HA HA HA’’!  As the two lumbered closer together Ellis put his dirty hand firmly on Ethan and whispered “ Eat quick! ’’ They both plodded off in different directions.

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