Suspense by Mustafa Hussain TJS

Max,a boy who had just finished school,slowly crept over to the house. Max was tall and was very kind,no one would be depressed when he was there. He had black,brownish hair with a black shirt, grey joggers and white trainers. He was very adventurous and was ready for any challenge the world could give him. But this was the hardest challenge Max could ver face in his entire life.


Max didn’t know want was inside due to that it was abandoned. He ran over to the door and the door well of. Max didn’t think about that but why someone would leave a mansion with all sort of goods. It had: two kitchens, five living rooms, seven bathrooms, tan master bedrooms and more that Max hadn’t explored. One room he hadn’t explored was the basement. He thought this had got to be the best for last. So reached over to open it and see what was inside. But, he had this bit of him that was telling, “No don’t open it. “ The other part was saying,”See was is inside of there, you never know it might some gold!” Thought he made a big mistake. Fortunately, there was nothing expect for the moving boxes that hadn’t been opened. It was strange because their belongings were there. Suddenly a dark shadow lurked over Max’s head. He shrieked and turned around to see the monster behind him. Max made a mistake exploring this mansion.

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