The Blood Moon

In the dead of midnight, Stanley rushed though the dark,gloomy church where trees were clawing up on to the church and cries of innocent young children filled the air.  He looked in to the dark woods and saw a red eye blink, he went to explore… When he got there, there was nothing but a grave that said Michael 1755-1845 but underneath the grave there was a ginormous hole in the ground with a coffin inside.

He jumped down in to the hole and slowly started to open the coffin …But it was empty all there was a ancient ring . Slowly, he picked up the ancient ring and then suddenly the coffin lid slammed shut he heard a load stomping on top and in a muttering voice a figure said “How dare you break in to my coffin!”

Stanley replied “Sorry, I will go and leave you alone and never come back Micheal”

“How do you now my name?” the voice from the grave questioned.

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