The Mysterious Moon And The Man

One day, in the mysterious graveyard with a shinning  bright  moon, there was a figure called Daniel and he was strolling in the haunted graveyard. He went though the forest and then he got goosebumps. He ran into the graveyard and in the little hut there was red eyes watching him as he strolled down the path.He sat down  on the bench to take a rest and  he saw a shadow dash past and he thought he was imaging things… The shadow was probably the wind. He could hear wolves howling and some strange noises and he could smell old burnt ashes getting burnt by fire. He could see lots of old tomb stones and a little hut that is haunted and the brightly the moon shone in the night sky. He could taste the fresh breeze slowly going into his lungs.He could feel the ancient stone crumbling every seconded he touched it and he  could feel the cold breeze dashing past him.He was with his brother Jerry and they were terrified of this place… they said, “I’m not coming back here again!”

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