The opposite twins

One day like any other a girl called Elsie was trying to get through another boring science lesson at school. She was sitting at her desk, not really paying attention when the school bell ran she leaped for joy and thought no more science till after summer break. Then she left the classroom and went to the supply cupboard which she knew is off limits to children.

As Elsie left the classroom her twin sister Mia saw her and she knew her sister was up to something. She thought what she could be doing. Mia was always the one who was well behaved and listened in class, she also never got in trouble. But this time was different she decided to follow her.

She saw he going to the supply cupboard the she said, ” What are you doing Elsie you know that’s of limits, ” said Mia.
” I am going to explore and you are coming with me, ” said Elise as she dragged Mia inside…

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