The sky ship adventure by Pollie

The sky ship adventure 

Lucy cut the rope and they were off. Lucy, Oliver and Hunter the dog sailed into the dusk. They didn’t realise Oliver was hanging off the rope of the sky ship. He was petrified. He slowly climbed up the rope nervously. Would they reach their destination? In the air the clouds began to surround them. Within warning, heavy winds blew them off course . Will the sky ship survive? 

Out of the blue, heavy rain started pelting down onto the sky ship. Oliver shook. His face dropped . He didn’t know what was happening. Lucy was acting as if nothing was happening. Hunter was barking loudly. Lucy tried to control the sky ship.The wind blew the ship towards…

What looked like a dragons cave. Dragons were swooping in and out .They came pelting towards us. ” Quick Quick ” shouted Oliver.    ” Im trying ” Lucy shouted back.         ” Bark Bark ” Barked Hunter.        Lucy went as quick as she could . The dragons were breathing out fire balls . Finally Lucy lost  them in the clouds. 

They traveled back to were they started. The sky ship slowly sailed down. They were back  home again.                                             

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