The Water unicorn

The water unicorn has that surprisingly beautiful pattern that glow in dark, would you recognise that a unicorn or firework ? It’s  also light up  when danger is around ( fire unicorn ) It’s he hates the fire dragon every year the fire unicorn  comes out to eat the fish.

He lives in the bottom of the sea, this is the calmest place ever it’s Called W town. The water unicorn best friend called Jake invented electricity in water. The like a shield that invisible to protect this town from anyone out there.

The Water unicorn eats seaweed, sea cucumber and see vegetable, amazingly the mother Mia is the best chef out there, she has her own restaurant called MDF ( Mia delicious food ) and she has the best high quality  reviews.

The water unicorn has made a school called WS for children under 20 to learn how to protected them self and has a amazing education.

Surprisingly he has his own family of his own, he has a wife called Ava  who loves helping out with the school and chef, one girl called Mia ho loves to read and help out  and a boy called Jack wholes loves playing football and playing video games, however Mia and Jack are twins. There are one happy family who loves helping out other.

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