The midnight gazer part 4 Vienna SWW

A day later, the crew came back, Captain Marsh was surprised at first when she saw sapphire but then she got use to her after a minute. After that, the crew fixed the balloon and we were hidden in the midnight sky ( that is why the ship is called Midnight Gazer because it blends in with the midnight).

Zephyr stood on the deck with Sapphire next to her wandering if she would even see her family again. Sam came over and joined in. He remined her about the adventures they have had together.

At that moment, hey all heard something, “Duck!” Shouted Sam,
Something was crawling up the side of the ship Sam took a peek and ducked back down. “Get up!” Said Captain Marsh “That is the supply airship!” “Now get to bed before you think there is a dragon!”

After 5 minutes they went to bed, dreaming of, cat like creatures, airship and abounded docks, “This is never the end!” they whispered “in to the great beyond!”

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