Magical,majestic unicorn in the fluffy white clouds

Magical,majestic unicorn in the fluffy white clouds.

I have never heard a magical,majestic unicorn neighing in the fluffy,white clouds,

but I have heard the loud trot of a horse going down Sam’s farm on a wonderful winters day.

I have never  tasted a fresh French snail from a five star restaurant in Paris,

but I have tasted a freshly cooked fish from Huntleys farm.

I have never seen a seen a majestic mermaid swimming in the Atlantic Ocean,

but I have seen a beautiful baby gold fish swimming across the pond thinking it rules the world.

I have never touched the Queen’s precious throne,

but I have touched a gargantuan husky’s paw at my best friends house.

I have never smelt a sugary,shiny,golden apple,

but I have smelt a steaming apple pie from the nearest McDonald’s.


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