about the storm unicorn


The storm unicorn, which is a rare species of flying horse,is found near mountain and ocean to find out more about these magical creatures.During lockdown periods, these strong unicorns are rare to see and flyed ocean and seas. To the surprise of many people, the unicorn has been in the seas taking advantage of the ocean  and mountains.How ever there is more to been seen about this magical animal.




Would you know what these amazing creatures eat?

In fact most unicorns eat the same food but storm unicorn eat zapping eels and grey storm clouds also flying thunder bolts.They are very fast fast killers they comp on black dotted ladybugs and furry creepy spiders. 


Many people think that the storm unicorn can give you lots of wishes but this is yet to be proved, if you think one is in your area, it is best to stay away.They being hand fed them and if you god there true of them , remember there are wild creatures so try not to mount them as they resent such an intrusion! Lets keep these grateful creatures safe for the next future generation.

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