discover the moon unicorn

discover the moon unicorn

The moon unicorn, which is a ramoon unicornre species of flying horse , is found near the moon. Every month unicornologists meet near the moon and study to gather more about these delight creatures. During recent lock down periods , these beautiful horses have become shy and have travelled to earth. TO the enjoy of many people , the moon unicorn has seen been in the caves taking advantage of the dark caves and been very shy. However, there is more to be study about this magic creatures.


The moon unicorn has moon printed wings and shine night vision eyes. It’s sharp delicate horn that help it navigate through the sonar sisterm when it gets lost. It’s white ice mane help it heat up or cool down when it gets to hot or cold.


Many people believe that the moon unicorn can make wish come true but this has yet to be proved. If you believe that one is alive in you area, it is probably best to keep quiet. They like you petting it if you have got their trust. Remember though, these are wild  creatures so do not try to get on them as they don’t like! Let’s keep these beautiful creatures safe for future generations.

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