The Rainbow Unicorn by Poppy @Belmont

The Rainbow Unicorn

The Rainbow Unicorn, which is a sky creature, is found in a canopy above the beach. Every weekend, Unicornolgists gather on the beach waiting for a Unicorn to come down to get food. During recent lockdown periods, the unicorn have been very scared of what might happen to there kind. To the delight of many citizens, the unicorns do like humans and come down from its cave for food, go swimming and drink out for the sea.

Would you be able to recognise a Rainbow Unicorn? Like most winged horses, they have a long colourful tail, powerful wings and a magical horn. The main feature of this amazing creature is its beautiful Rainbow horn what is made of colourful crystals from the canopy above. They have the ability to fly, talk to humans and even swim. Amazing, they have the voice of a human and gills like a fish so they can swim underwater. This is why you can often hear them from the your house or at the pier  and like to talk to humans or you can see them swimming. Up close, you can see there beady blue eyes, pink small ears and light pink diamonds on the right side near the tail. Generally, they are small so they are not easy to find but some can be as big as a chair and stand out more when they are at the beach. The majority have a light blue body with pink scales under there fur which will keep them warm while flying and swimming. However, a rare minority have blue diamonds which means the are royal so look out for them, but please do not harm them.

The Rainbow unicorn lives inside a amazing beautiful cave above the canopy overlooking the beach. They make there nests out of crystals and leaves. Also, they can be seen on beaches. There nests are hidden under piers or on beach’s which means they are easy to find. Rainbow Unicorns must live near beaches then they can get  to their food. They like to wonder up and down beach’s, drinking the salty waters of the sea and finding sea shells to take to their cave for decoration. They love collecting things like crystals and sea shells. These wonderful creatures store food in there secret cave only for Unicorns and they love human food. This enables them to be safe from humans what hunt there kind.

Many people believe that the Rainbow Unicorn can grant people three wishes but if its a bad wish the Rainbow Unicorn will become a dark Unicorn. If you believe that one is living in your location area it’s probably best to keep this a secret. They enjoy being fed grass from hand if you have gain there trust. Remember though these are still wild creatures so do not try to ride on them as they resend an intrusion. Let’s keep these graceful creatures safe for the future generations of there kind.

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