Chapter 1-Finding the Emporium!


Do you believe in magic? If so, then the emporium is the right place to go. It’s filled with secrets and things people want to know. But… it’s not just like any normal shop. Oh no, it’s definitely not anything out of the ordinary it’s filled with passages and clues you may want to know. Just go there and maybe one day you’ll know. But only enter at your own risk you may not be as worthy as you think you are all sorts of things can happen in the Enchanting Emporium… 


CHAPTER 1- Finding the Emporium! 

As Lara was walking down Alvin Rose Lane on a beautiful summer’s day with her mum and little sister, Layla. She felt something unusual tickling her toes, so she stopped to check that nothing was in her shiny shoes as she bent over, she felt whatever it was travel slowly up her back it was going super-fast! Without knowing she began running round and round in circles until she suddenly crashed into this huge wooden door on a crimson brick wall (that look like it had just been put down) with the number… XII it must have been some sort of roman shop she briefly learnt about roman numerals it was not her strong point she was very confused. She walked on still in confusion… but all of a sudden, she realised her mum and sister had disappeared. She panicked… she developed a headache but something else made her feel in danger. She heard bangs and a huge clash coming from the door. Maybe it’s a sign that she should enter… or is it not? 

Suddenly, Lara felt pins and needles dashing up her legs, her palms began to sweat her body went tense. But, knowing Lara she would take any risks just for the fun and enjoyment, but this door did look sketchy. It was down an eerie and narrow alleyway. However, Lara was feeling like getting herself into a bit of bother. But little did she know how much bother she may get herself into. On the door it says, “enter at your own risk.” You would think that would scary you away or at least draw your attention to something or someone else. However, that was not the case when you were with Lara. So, she slowly entered the scary building… what was happening! 

As she entered, she tip-toed but she couldn’t see a thing considering she was blinded by the light of what she thought was a thousand sets of golden armour surrounding her, silver bird cages hanging from the high-ceiling, red velvet chairs with golden legs and arms and some beautifully wrapped chocolates sitting on a desk with what looks like a moustache on it. Anyways, she opened her eyes she did struggle to see but she managed she was shocked with the amount of real silver and gold that lurks around in such a hidden and scary emporium. All of a sudden, an old man in a grey suit entered the room. Lara jumped in fear, she was frightened she thought she was the only person in here… she guessed not. Suddenly, the man cried out “Welcome!” he seemed very enthusiastic, but Lara wondered why he was here and who she was? As Lara went to touch the golden armour he screamed “don’t touch!” within a second. Who was this man… and why was he here? 

However, Lara didn’t reply she was scared. She didn’t want to get herself into any more trouble than she already is. Well, that’s if her mum figures out which she hopes doesn’t happen! She was shaking, her mum and sister have magically disappeared, and second, she is stuck in a secret Emporium with someone she doesn’t even know! How did she end up here… she had regrets about ever walking into this scary and creepy place.  She thought to herself “why would you be so stupid Lara.” What if her mum and sister are in here and she just doesn’t know… Lara gulped she felt a lump in her throat. She was petrified, I mean any little girl would be right? The man slowly approached. She had to escape… and fast! 





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