Ledgends of the moon unicorn

The moon unicorn which is a rare species of a flying horse is found near mountains and cliffs every month unicornoligists group near mount everest and the himilayan mountains to discover more about this marvellous species. During recent lockdown periods, these flying horses have become well known and have explored mountains and cliffs. To the delight of many people the moon unicorn the moon unicorn has been seen at most rocky places. Taking advantage of the weather and food however there is more to be discovered about this weird species.


Would you be able to recognise this creature? They are very well known they have powers as well the powers are super strength,invisibility his hobbies are joking around and playing jokes on people how old is he ? he is 5000 years old his fur colour is grey and black his personality is moody,bad,aggressive,sometimes bright.


Many people belive that the moon unicorn can wishes but has yet to be proved.If you u assume that one is hibernating in your local area it is probably best to keep this to your self. They love being fed if they trust you remember tho these are wild creatures so dont try to get on them as they dont want you to get on them.

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