Mystical Mystery

Mystical Mystery


A unicorn is a mythical flying horse with a horn.


Blue and white are common colors for unicorn, but several species have been found rainbow. Their hooves shine like diamonds with their mane as fluffy as clouds. Many believe they have two wings but Uni-Ologists have found an extra one their chests. Their wings are showered in glitter, if you touch it you will get a jolt in your heart. Their tails look like a horses one, but two times bigger.


They live in the darkest places of the forest, as they are too timid to come out. Weirdly they love lightning, so if you want to see one you might want to hide near metal. You might see some glitter hooves which is called Mythi-dust. It is usually rose gold, so it might blend in with the blossom. If you are desperate to see a unicorn, you can go to Uni-Land, at the peak of a mountain. Generally, you can see beautiful waterfalls as shiny as glitter.


Unicorns usually eat golden carrots as they are related to horses. They make their own food like Uni-Pot, which is a hot pot covered in Mythi-dust. Generally, they eat whatever a horse does with their own sizzling touch. Remember never to touch their food unless they have earned their trust. Any of your sweet treats missing, you know who to blame.


The less you believe, the less of them there are. Uni-Ologists have found that by 2027 they will be all gone, let’s hope that’s not true. If you see one, don’t touch it or its glitter power will fade.


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