The space unicorn By Ruby.M

                                   The space unicor

The space unicorn is a transparent monstrosity.


The space unicorn is able to breathe in the atmosphere of superior space(to be able to live up there) in addition she can fly like an aeroplane and able to spot exotic golden stars.


However she lives in space on a planet called Xandar far,far away up in the galaxy.(where no one will go because of death)


Additionally she eats stars and milky way bars she drinks exotic water however only found on planet Xandar.


Her predators and prey are the unfortunate Earth unicorns because it’s another planet and her prey are weird humans because Xandar wants to destroy humanity.


She is very unfriendly and of you see her she will transform you into stone so be very careful.(astronauts especially Neil Armstrong you need to take notice of this warning) 


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