Prologue and chapter 1 by Lenny


In the world there are places nobody ever visit. The emporium was like that. 

Even though it looked like a cake bakery and your mouth oozed with temptation. Even though the animals were as cute as could be. Even though there were magical army figures. Even though toast tasted like melted chocolate kinder and your mouth watered with delight. Even though chocolate auce oozed out of cake and you were to tempted to tuck in.

Nobody dared to enter the emporium, but that would change as Zac dared to enter.

Chapter 1:

Nobody dared to enter the emporium, but that would change as Zac dared to enter.Zac had always been an anxious kid. He was sitting on his bed and a portal appeared. What did he do? He went through and saw an emporium…

He searched around and every part of the emporium was magical. He saw an ancient china set that was covered with dust, an amber and white husky in a silver round cage and new poppies that were almost as tall as a bean stalk. He saw 8 counters, half of them had footballs in a portrait and the other half had mini mugs waiting to be full of coffee. To his left side he saw five year old kids kicking a ball around and they were better than prime Pelé. Amazing cyan Royal Blue Tangs swimming around in an 8 foot fish tank that was magical. 

“I see you’ve found my emporium and my magic book” Whispered a mysterious voice and what even was a magic book? Zac found a book and read it, but half way through it was empty…

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