prologue + chapter 1





Magic is a wonderful thing it can amaze or shock nearly anyone, but it isn’t all fun and games. Magic with most things has an evil side and it’s used to kill or even drive you insane. And that isn’t very nice, so the bad magic was banished to a place called Menzion but as all things there never gone for good. But now magic can only be found in magic shops with a powerful wizard guarding them. But if your super unlucky it could be the wrong type of magic.  

And if you pick the wrong shop you’ll be in for a treat.  


Chapter 1 

Jake is a normal 11-year-old kid he has a phone, and an interest in wizards and magic and recently an old magic shop has opened back up and today Jake is going to check it out. And with his pocket money he could buy something. Jake got out the car he jumped up in excitement the air around the shop always felt special to him like it was calling him, he has always wanted to go inside it. The windows were blacked out like a black hole and the door was shimmering like water reflecting the night sky. The door felt warm like a cosy fire although it was super cold outside but that didn’t bother Jake he opened the door. Jake’s shoe hit a warm fluffy carpet it felt like a cloud. Jake looked around the walls were painted purple like shining amethyst with what seemed like millions of magical items hung up like paintings in a gallery, there was masks, wands like ones in harry potter, hats all shapes and sizes. It was magical for Jake and in the middle of it all was a glass case with a top hat sitting on a cushion like a king on a throne. And over by the end of the shop was a sleek wooden counter with a shiny silver bell with a note attached reading ‘ring me ‘and behind the counter was a door of bead so thick that not even light could get through. 

So, Jake did what the note said and as the ear bleeding noise ended a puff of smoke came out from behind the counter and suddenly a person appeared. But when Jake looked closer… it was a dummy. Then Jake felt a chill run down his spine like someone had touched him on the back he turned around…Nothing but the hat. It sat like it like a cake in a bakery waiting to be eaten so as Jake stared at the mesmerizing thing a shadow crept over his head like a blanket and an old grumbly voice said “oh so yu interested in me (h)at “Jake turned around slowly and looked up.   

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