The secret emporium prologue and Chapter 1- The secret emporium

The Secret Emporium Prologue 


Gracie had never really been that curious. Until one day that all changed. 

Walking up to her door she looked up from her bag looking for her keys. She wondered as she stared at the big black door standing there instead of her normal glass door. Gracie thought to herself. Her mom never told her she was getting a new door?… 


Chapter 1-Through the door 


Gracie sighed as the school bell rang. “Finally.” She said getting up to leave. As she left the class her friends said goodbye and she started to walk home. When she got to the traffic lights, she got a phone call from her mom saying she’s away to her friend’s house for a bit and won’t be back for a while. Gracie said ok and hung up the phone knowing her mum wouldn’t be back till she’s asleep.  


When she got halfway up the path, she went to go get her keys from her bag. Turning back to the door she saw instead of her normal glass door, stood a big black wooden door. She was surprised as her mom didn’t tell her they were getting a new door. Gracie went to put the keys in the door, then she realised that they wouldn’t fit because it was a new door. Gracie went and pushed the door. But it was VERY stiff, she pushed and pushed but it only opened a slither every time she pushed. She went to the other side of the garden and ran as fast as she could at the door. The door just opened halfway. She walked inside but stopped in her tracks instantly…. 


Instead of her normal porch there in its place was a humongous room filled with millions of smelled so sweet like chocolate pudding but at the same time smelled like a juicy steak, let’s just say whatever you wanted it to smell like it would. There was weird shaped clocks, antique China dolls that had so much detail that you would think they were real, there was teddy bears from all around the world, humongous balloons that were animals and people and all sorts of stuff, beautiful ruby red scarfs made of the softest silk, giant bags of jewellery you name anything you want I bet you you’d find it. She heard someone walking behind her. When she turned around out from some curtains came a young boy a few years above her flicking through a big book. Gracie and the boy just stared at each other for a while.  

“Who are you and where are we.” She said confused. 

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