The Emporium of Differences-Olivia SWW

The Emporium of Differences

There are magic places dotted around; magic places that people only believe are in stories, myths and legends.

If you notice them, then they will reward you with fragments of curiosity. If you see what people don’t see; magic awaits. Magic brimmed with collisions of worlds and feelings. Magic that hides from people who don’t believe in witchcraft and wizardry and shows itself to the people who cares for it. There are opportunities awakening and paths to find and to follow.

Visual magic as an amazing adventure or a wonder waiting to be explored. Finally, one windy autumn day an explorer did come. An explorer called Daisy.

Chapter One

Daisy had always been curious and everyone warned her about gaining trouble . Just as the heavens opened, Daisy was on her way back of returning a gift from her mums friend. She decided to wait until it the weather had past. Slipping in a shop canopy, she rested, looked through the windows into the dark room and quivered closer to the door. Twisting the door handle, she opened the grey door and tip-toed in.

Wonders filled the room. Unique objects brimmed the corners. Sitting on the desk, a cage filled with two magpies watched her as she stared around. A miniature light house glistened in the in the little light of the grey day, rotating round 360 degrees. Fast fans breezed the Mahony bark covered in the first Mayan hieroglyphs. Dusty diaries precariously leaned over the patterned carpet. She was listening to clocks chattering, alarms screaming and watches clicked together all as one. Old weaved baskets seeped sap, books flew around finding different spaces to land in and a candle wax burnt out, wafting smells. In the centre, she came to stare at a statue of an eagle that was perching on a block of dark bronze. Resting on the wings, an old battered book touched her fingers. She looked through it. Magic after more magic.

“I see you have found my special book.”
A sharp voice hissed through the silence. A man stood, hovering upon her. A look of mystery on his face. He bitterly smiled.

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