The Soul Emporium

Title: The Soul Emporium
There are creepy places that only few know of, and people believe are only written in stories. Where nightmares and real life meet.

If you were to go through, you would be rewarded… or so the visitors thought. If you took the precious time to realize what everyone else didn’t, you might be scarred for life. Maybe you will find out what it really feels like to be scared.

Don’t consider it a near death experience, consider it as a chance to make your heart stop for a split second… what it feels like to nearly get scared to death.

Bring what ever you want but mainly your imagination. In the Soul Emporium you will have the thrill of a lifetime and you will get shivers throughout your body.

Everyone was terrified of this horrifying place, until Diana came…

Chapter one: Through the door
Diana was a mysterious girl, who was known throughout the city for her unruly behaviour. The moon was high in the sky as Diana searched through the bins. Quickly, she headed to the shelter of the nearest bus stop . Then, out the corner of her eye, she saw a giant sign saying, ‘The Soul Emporium open now!’ So, with a flash of mischief and the ruby glow of hostile curiosity, she slipped into the room.
” WOW” she whispered under her breath.

There was a doll with a pull string lay beckoning me to pull it, so without thinking I reached over and tugged it. The laugh of the devil clawed its way out from the doll.
Then a golden scythe with tiny intercut details that were nearly microscopic caught my eye so I picked it up and it was epic.
” I could do so much with this!” She said
And she started to look harder at the handle because something was digging into her hand, it was a button. So she pushed it. A compartment popped open, there was a book inside. She grabbed the book from the webbed compartment.
“Ahhh I see you have found my book of wonders.”
She gasped.
“Who are you!” she shouted
The man had a face only skin and bones and as pale as paper. He clutched another scythe but that one was covered in diamonds, gold and coper. His voice was like choking smoke filling the room.

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