There are many people who think that their city is completely normal but no the magic emporium hides and its up to you to find it.

If you dare to step into the Emporium there will be consequences. Secrets lie inside, never ending trinkets, books, full of MAGIC. But here’s the consequence. You may not come out completely normal you will come out with a specific power like super speed, mega jump, super swim. Lia did have a choice of two ways, a way home, or a way into magic. Will Lia go in? Will she get a power?

Chapter One- Through the door!

On a early summers day, Lia went on a stroll down sunset road, and noticed something peculiar. There was a new shop in town. The sign read THE MAGIC EMPORIUM IS OPEN FOR BUISSNESS BRING YOUR SATISFACTION. Without thinking, Lia stepped inside.

Looking around, Lia hooked her eyes on loads of magical things: She saw a cage full of magpies, A box full of magic hats, and a rhinestone chandelier hanging like a leaves on a tree. As she moved closer to the corner of the room, she spotted bookshelves but with a pedestal in the middle of them. Lying on the pedestal was a book. A book that had the title Mr’s browns Magic book. With a blink of an eye she was curious and picked up the book.

”I see you have found my book of magic,” hissed a voice. Lia gasped, shut the book, and looked up at the owner. She was a middle aged woman whose eyes shone like the sun on the sea. On her shoulder perched a jet black magpie, that pecked at her ring, and shook her head suspiciously.

3 Responses to “THE MAGIC EMPORIUM”

  1. 1. WELL DONE! I really like this first chapter.
    2. Was Lia the only guest in the shop?
    3. To make this even better maybe you could put ‘On an early summers day,’. I think this is really good.

  2. 1. That is a really good piece of writing, Isabella well done.
    2. How did you think of this idea?
    3. For an improvement you could make it a little bit longer.

  3. This is a very descriptive piece of writing from Antony

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