The Secret Emporium SWW

The Secret Emporium

Lying in the window are toy’s beyond children’s wildest dreams! Hanging from the ceiling are world famous planes glossy in the light! On the counter is a red bowl spawning candies on a happy day and a red and gold sign hangs from the door ( Secret Emporium ) Yet nobody ever enters and Lillie will soon find out why.

Would she discover her destiny? Her blood line? Why she has a scar shaped like a – moon?
She will discover the answer all these questions if she dares enter the Emporium’s walls, little does she know she has more of a connection with the Emporium than I can tell you.
But you will have to follow her into danger to find out, can you do it?

Lillie is about to discover what secrets hide behind the Emporium’s walls, she will discover the biggest secret of all. The secret the Emporium holds.

Chapter 1

Lillie had been living on rainy Henagar lane ever since the accident. Ever since her parents had gone missing all she had left of them was a photo of them smiling in white in front of a marble white mansion, all she knew about them where there name’s Lusamine Beam and Toro Beam . She put the photo in the pocket of her snow white fluffy jumper left by a noble woman on bench. Crash! a sound echoed from down the soggy road. “oh no” she whispered to herself then she ran of into the cloudy night.

After she had run a decent way, she realized she was lost. Trying to retrace her steps, she slipped on the slimy path she fell into a garden. Just as she was getting up she saw a big towering house she scrambled to one of the gold encrusted windows. She tugged the door handle it flew back with such force she fell over. cautiously she crawled inside she looked through one door after the next until finally she came to the last door closed she opened it. Inside was one thing a picture. Of her parents in front of what seemed like a shop with a sign hanging from two hooks it spelt Secret Emporium.
She darted from street to street looking for the black as midnight Secret Emporium until she came to the shop she got out the photo and compared them. his was the secret Emporium.

2 Responses to “The Secret Emporium SWW”

  1. Zach~ Antony School May 24, 2021 at 11:49 am

    Everything is good but at the startyou could put lying on the window siil in stead of just window.

  2. 1. Well done! This is very good. I really like this.
    2. Was it a car accident that Lillie’s parents died from?
    3. To make this even better you could use some capital letters! I really enjoyed reading this! Well done!

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