The magic Emporium charlie SWW


People never go there. The doors are always closed every day. For some strange reason on this sunny day in June, the doors were wide open.

Steven went in to the Emporium and his whole life changed for the better. He comes here once a month now learning something new about the Emporium every time. There is only one Emporium that holds the world recalled for the best Emporium in the world.

Chapter 1
As Steven was walking past the magic emporium he saw a sign that said today the magic emporium opens. All of a sudden he pushed the door open , sprinted in to the magic emporium and picked up a book that was full of witchcraft spells. He flipped from page to page in the book and found a spell for turning a shop in to a sweet paradise. Steven said the spell that is “sweet sweet to this shop” in to a sweet paradise and it happened on the 47 try. After 5 minutes the sweet shop paradise disappeared.

On the shelves were old magic wounds, dead rabbits in hats and dusty damp cards. Seeing all of the dead rabbits creeped out Steven. Then he heard foot steps and he put down the book and hid under the table. A voice called out ”You like my magic spells then!” Steven kept quiet and the voice spoke again ”Don’t be scared!” Steven stood tall and showed himself.

2 Responses to “The magic Emporium charlie SWW”

  1. 1)I love how you used the phrase “a voice called out.”
    2)Could you use a semi colon when you listed?
    3)After your fronted adverbials you need to put a comma there.
    A great piece of work. Well done.

  2. 1. I like how you showed how Steven is amazed or scared by the emporium.
    2.Do you like magic yourself?
    3.I think you could add more about the description on the emporium.

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