The Emporium of Secrets Sebastien SWW

The Emporium of Secrets


The Emporium of Secrets used to be full of visitors: until a secret escaped. It was a terrible secret. Destroying half of the city and much of the Emporium with it, the Emporium had used its time-manipulating capabilities to reverse the damage to the city. But it could not rebuild itself.

Despite it being rebuilt, years later by the owner, and having an open sign hung above the ebony door and the shop front being packed with fascinating items, still no one ever came again. They did not not know what had happened to the secret. They were scared. The owner of the Emporium tried his best with piles of sweets, treasures, jewels, charms, books and many more incredible objects stacked in the windows. But everyone was too frightened. The Emporium was being forgotten. It was now known as ‘the old shop at the back of the ally’. The owner was still waiting for customers.

The Emporium seemed as if it would never have customer again. Until Sam arrived. He changed everything.

Chapter 1
The Emporium of Secrets

Sam was bored. He had been wandering down the alleys for hours, looking for shelter before the bus came to collect him for school. A glint of copper caught his eye. Above him, the sun was hidden by the storm clouds. Deciding to investigate this mysterious glint, he trudged off down the ally .

It turned out to be an old shop at the end of the ally. The sign said that the Emporium of Secrets was open. From the state of the sign, it looked as if ‘the Emporium of Secrets’ had been open for a long time. He thought it would be a perfect place to get out of the rain. Brushing the droplets of water of his waterproof coat, he stared around.

Many thousands of items lined the walls. Precariously piled books, crystal floors, and hundreds of thousands of golden and gemstone trinkets. Snow globes were piled on shelves, candles glittered in a jade dragon chandelier mouth and a golden falcon wing table was suspended by obsidian chains to the unimaginably high ceiling. A copper bench was suspended in the same way with ruby stairs leading up to it. A robotic dragon soared around, occasionally breathing a spurt of green fire. At the back of the shop, orange doors embedded with millions of golden patterns had a sign above them reading THE MANSION OF MYSTERY. Another door, with the same patterns, had a sign above it which read THE CELLAR OF SECRETS.

The copper glint came again. It was on the Falcon-wing desk: a book with a cover made of something that looked like scales. The title read, The Secrets of…
“I see you have found my book of secrets, Sam,” a sharp voice cut in. A man in a golden suit stepped out from behind a pile of chests, his eyes like tempests of magic and anger.

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