The secret emporium

The magic Emporium

This is a place where no one ever goes. The Secret Emporium its like the Easter bunny hiding eggs.

Even though at Fire-like lights in the window would sparkle and shine like a emerald glowing. Sometimes it seemed the toys would watch you begging you will adore them to come in. Even though, you could smell the best of the best food it will not make you hungry as if it was right there. Even though, you heard the noises of laughing from inside. Its piled with wonder imagination all lies within.

But not a soul ever entered. The wooden doorway was creepy and dark. The Emporium wanted to drag you in to enter at any cost and no one ever did. No one that is until Sam.
Chapter 1 the day it started

Sam had always been dreaming to be a detective and venture all that is possible his father had all ways seemed to warned that it would lead into trouble. After lunch, he was running down Green Road the locale shop when He noticed something bazar about the road a shop had appeared. Magically the door flung open ready to explore he stepped inside and didn’t even think what could happen.

He was impressed of what he thought he was capable of going in like it was a candy shop. What really caught his eye was a old dusty costume of his dreams. He pinched him self to check he was seeing what he thought out the corner of his eye he saw a gold cage diamonds hanging from the ceiling and a light beamed the sky like the sun devouring the dark. Not holding back Sam ran to the old dusty cloths and put them on. On one counter, a book glittered like it was meant to his . Sam without hesitating picked it up and read on it was like watching all the fireworks on new year.

“I see you’ve found my book of interests” hissed a voice. Sam try hiding closed the book and looked up seeing the owner. He was an old man whose eyes shone like lightning. The magic of the creature that landed on him was like a pterodactyl in the future.
like Sam told him a joke he laughed “this is the most magic place in the world ” said the man.

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