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Psychic Unicorn    by kashifb


Unicorns are amazing creatures but do you know what is better than a unicorn?A whole Psychic unicorn. The psychic unicorn is the rarest  thing in the world. The ability of a unicorn is tellecanis , teleportation and anything psychic.


Grim or glamorous?

It is not rare for a psychic unicorn to have nine horns and their eyes float in a bubble out of their socket.


Home sweet Home

Psychic unicorns live in the depths of a waterfall since  they are scared of hot places and they hate cold things.


Welcome to … what can I get for you ?

Psychic unicorns eat various things such as gravel ,mercury spyders , rocks, steak and even fire! Interestingly, the explorers say this  unicorn  is an absolute  beast. 



Psychic unicorns are   very mean creatures. In their free time it literally brainwashes people to swear allergies for a couple of years due to the fact that 9,000,000,000,000 multiverses were destroyed by this beast! Thes unicorns loves enslaving  universes due

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