Chapter 2

To another world


Tom could not help but stare at the crown. Once he had spotted the luxurious, mysterious, diamond-encrusted object, his eyes never moved away from it. The jewels were as red as blood and it felt like it was showing a movie. It was as delicate as glass and as magical as a wand.


“Get away from that crown!” shouted Mr Luciano, “You don’t know what it’ll do to you.”

“What do you mean?” questioned Tom confusingly, “Is it magical?”

“Of course it is,” replied Mr Luciano, “I don’t have any fake magic in this shop.”


Tom was amazed at all this, this shop truly was one of a kind. Mr Luciano hard some glass break in a nearby room and huffed his way along a narrow, dark corridor. Tom blew a sigh of relief, he didn’t have an opinion on Mr Luciano but if he did it wouldn’t be the best. Eagerly, Tom picked up the crown…


Tom started to slowly place the crown on his head: hoping he would feel royal but Mr Luciano was correct. Smoke started to swirl around him like a tornado. Everything around him was silent until he heard that dreadful coughing sound. He had been teleported back in time to the black plague.


Tom was shocked. Out of all the places he could go to, it had to be here. He was strolling around the contagious streets staring at dead bodies. All the people around him had boils growing on their faces- hopefully he hadn’t. Tom was disgusted. Nothing else was heard except coughing and spluttering.


Tom was still trying to properly examine his surroundings. The blood on the floor was the exact same colour as the jewels in the crown: he knew it all linked. What upset Tom the most was the children crying at their parents dead bodies. Now he had truly understood how horrible it must’ve been.

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