Chapter 2

Chapter 2- The strange object

Madison was enhanced by the garnet- jewelled, pointed sword: in the corner of the dark, mysterious room. The golden object sat over- looking the shop front.

“Put that back!” exclaimed Mr Luciano, “people have gone missing because of that sword.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                 “Sorry sir, I didn’t mean to touch it,” replied Madison.

The boxes fell. CRASH! BANG! Mr Luciano went to attend to the boxes in the other room. Whilst he was doing that Madison then…

Madison sneakily turned around to grab the sword. The she touched the garnet. She looked very confused as she heard women screaming when she touched it. Quickly, she dropped it, but deep down she knew she wanted to see what was happening.

As fast as she could, she pressed the garnet once more and she was now in a sinister, eerie place: a dungeon, underground house? A thought came into her head: Tudor times when Henry VII had looked his wives up.

The walls were old, coiled up metal. She knew what she had to do: walk to find out more. Madison walked pass the cell were the wives were. What would Madison do next?

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