The Adventure


Chapter Two – the adventure


Amir could not take her bright, blue eyes of the historical, ancient goggles of a pilot in World War 2. As Amir walked round this magical thing she could see the sweat and tears off the pressure to win the war.


As Amir was looking at this historical artefact the shopkeeper walked in and exclaimed in a creepy manner “Oi, get away from that precious item , you scrawny little creature you never know what will happen!”


Bang ! The creepy man said from a distance only a couple of boxes falling nothing to worry about. The man had walked but out of the ordinary he just suddenly disappeared. Amir just ignored his idiotic warning like it was a twig on the floor. As Amir picks up the goggles she instantly puts them back down.


Again Amir picks up the goggles but this time she doesn’t put them regret it and she can hear strange noises like voices where she needs to go and the engine of an aeroplane. She is in that much worry she takes this magical and mysterious thing off and closes her eyes in shock. As she closes her eyes her body starts shaking. What is happening?


She opened her eyes and everything was blurry so she opened them wider and nothing was happening, but she could hear all kind of noises.


All of a sudden, Amir’s eyes opened she was sat down with a lot of buttons in front of her. With people telling her what buttons to press but not in a nice way. Where am I?

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