Chapter 2 

Savanah step through the door but it felt like a leap for her. The door led to a cliff edge. Right when she was going to walk to the edge a snail the size of a golf ball said, “you may touch the gifts but don’t touch the edge of the cliff”. Sav tried to forget she went on a walk forgetting that she had a life back in very long road it seemed that the emporium had sucked all the Memories out of her from very long road and very short road. There suddenly was a flash it was like a herd of cheetahs running past but of course it was just her mind playing tricks she suddenly remembered what the snail the size of a golf ball said she ran as fast as her little leg would take her when she reached back to the start, she saw a stack of present but there was also a cliff edge she was very un-decisive but she picked the cliff edge she had no idea what was about to happen all she knew was that she was about to touch the edge of a cliff. 

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