Bruce’s mythical adventure

Bruce’s mythical adventure!!! 


This wardrobe was never touched. Everyone feared it, except for Bruce. 

Bruce was the bravest in his class. But he believed in the mythical Fairy’s and centaurs, and that made the kids Bullied him, but he is going to find out the truth about his mythical beliefs. 


Chapter 1: Bruce in the wardrobe. 

Bruce was a scared kid because he wasn’t treated well by his parents. So, it was a rainy day at Centaur Road and Bruce was bored because A: he didn’t have a PlayStation 4 unlike his peers who have one, and B: he didn’t have a phone. So, Bruce went on a walk with his centaur themed umbrella. So, first he saw an abandoned park, but it was too creepy. Then, he found an abandoned house at first it seemed creepy, but he could feel something calling to him with all its might and when he took a good look at it, he saw the wonders within. 

He walked in all fears swept away, he shivered with confusion and interest. Then he realised with a look of an old wardrobe that this was the wardrobe house. This wardrobe was open for once and without thought he tiptoed through and… 


Chapter 2: The land of war and doors 

“My name is guard sapphire; I am the gate keeper of the land of war and doors and my only advise for you is do not touch the book on the battlefield”. Said a voice.” y-y-yes sir”. Stuttered Bruce shivering with fear. So, Bruce had calmed down a bit and was now excited to explore this new world. Then he decided to go through lots of doors and eventually found the battlefield and he saw the book with its old pages he just wanted to turn, and he ran for it. It was just too tempting so he picked it up and turned its magical pages. 

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