The Emporium (Chapter two)

Autumn just couldn’t take her eyes off the enchanting book. All the crystals on the front cover really intrigued her. Slowly she began to open the book to see what exciting things are inside of it. But, before she had time to do so the owner came in.

“DO NOT OPEN THAT BOOK! Put it down at once,” said the owner sternly, “I am Mr Luciano and I found that book in a forest in North Wales, it belonged to a very special person you know!

“I am sorry sir I was just intrigued by the intricate designs on the front cover!” said Autumn.

Autumn slowly placed the book down on top of an old, dusty box and waited patiently for Mr Luciano to leave the room. Suddenly an alarm went off and some glass smashed in the back room, making Mr Luciano rush out to see what had happened. Now it was just Autumn and the book alone in the room.

Autumn slowly picked up the book and began to read. “The famous welsh forest in 1979,” she said out loud. Mr Luciano rushed in the room shouting something but Autumn couldn’t hear him, the world had grown silent. Her hair started to blow in the wind whilst her body began to fade away.

She soon found herself in a place full of trees each towering over her, a pathway appeared in front of her and the wind was blowing her hair. Squirrels ran past her making little squeaking noises they looked exactly like the ones on the front cover of the book. She seemed to be in a forest but not any old forest the famous welsh one from 1979. Did she go back in time?

She looked at the trees around her, still trying to figure out how she got here. All of a sudden she felt a hand touch her shoulder. Autumn turned around to see who it was. It was the queen of nature: queen April. They met eye contact and smiled at each other. The queen suddenly began to say something…

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