The Mysterious Emporium

Chapter 2 – A Warning Disobeyed

Max heard a strange voice behind him and saw an old man with eyes that were blue as the crystal ocean, a tiny, black hat and a fully wooden cane.

”My name is Lucio Silver,” he exclaimed with a gentle voice. Max moved backwards feeling uncomfortable about what he was going to do . 

With curiosity , Max asked ”do you own the shop?” and he replied back that he was the owner of this shop. Lucio looked at Max and proclaimed that he can take a look around but he said one thing he can’t do. He stated with a loud voice that he cannot touch the book of dreams.  


With a warning, Lucio disappeared with a wave of his hand. Max ran around the shop and was astonished but also wondered as there were random doors everywhere but one thing that caught his eye was the book and he knew that he will be in very big trouble if he touches it. But he got so impatient that he decided to open the book and look at drawings such as a castle on top of a mountain, a volcano under the Pacific Ocean and more. He found a blank page a there was also a pen, so he decided to draw a mansion the size of an entire football field in a huge forest.


Suddenly, a ruby parrot pounced out of nowhere and it stood silently in the room. It moved across the shop and without thinking I followed the parrot and it lead me to a door which was freshly painted and had a glow  from the frame of the door. The parrot hit the door with its beak and I immediately knew what to do and without a second to spare he entered. Max was greeted by a blinding, red-hot sun and a vivid, yellow path leading into a forest. With a frozen face, he looked around and it was the exactly the same as he had drawn in the book. A dark, green forest and he got a tiny glimpse of wood above the trees. Without really knowing what he was doing, he ran down the brightly coloured path straight into the forest.

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