a warning disobeyed

 I see you have found my book” he exclaimed while glaring at Dan with a curious face, “hello” he screeched “my name is Lucio bronze” Dan felt a weird feeling about Lucio but he soon ignored it.” do you own this  shop “he questioned with fear, he replied with an evil grin. ” here is my book of worlds” you are free to look around but There’s one rule, DONT TOUCH THE BOOK”.


Seconds later Mr bronze disappeared behind a red curtain. Dan was now all alone, he was supposed to be looking around the shop but there was something about the book that  made him want to hold it. He wanted to look what secrets lay in the book, so he peeked around the curtain to find thousands of doors, he wondered, what is behind the doors?


He then turned around and opened the book, there were drawings and writings about cities, oceans, ships, each place had its own unique features! 


The next thing he knew he had a pen in his hand drawing a picture of a city, the city had futuristic buildings, all shimmering with gold, it had lights everywhere and it had gold silver and bronze!


But then he heard a rumble, and then a slight click. he rushed behind the curtain to find a door that was freshly painted, and on the door it said the futuristic city. He ran towards the door and entered.


He stepped, not into a room but a city, the city had lights, gold, silver and bronze! And buildings as tall as sky scrapers. Lights shimmered everywhere with a blue tint, he then saw a house, a house that he did not wright, it was a big mansion that had grass that was lime green, he then walked down the marble path, around the fountain but then he stopped. He saw a table with see through spheres, each sphere had a black smoke inside, some had white. He ignored it and went inside the house.

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