Beautiful Summer Sky

Beautiful Summer Sky

I want to paint…

the shining sun reflecting on the surface of the Pacific Ocean,

the waves of the sea crashing angrily against the side of the rocks,

the smell of the salty sea water wafting around in the air on a warm summer afternoon,

the sight of surfers balancing on their boards in the middles of the ocean,

the water repeatedly hitting swimmers in the face like the beating of a drum,

I want to paint…

the sound of seagulls squawking and flying in the sky,

the taste of sweet,sugary,strawberry ice cream,

the sight of children running around like headless chickens,

the beautiful summer sky with water colour palette like colours,

the sound of children playing and laughing in the soft sand,

the smell of the sweet smelling ice cream van beside the beach that is as busy as a theme park on a half term.

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