Winter Break

WINTER TIME    Friday 1st October 2021

I want to paint the beautiful Indian Ocean on a scorching hot day

As the waves splash on to the fluffy, soft sand it hardens and turned in to jelly

Kids play in the ocean and build sand castles

Autumn approaches the become cold and dense

The red flag gets higher and higher

Winter is closer, like a race car zooming nearer

People are buying winter hats and soft scarfs for warmth

Leaves are still on the ground , crunching like rappers from bonfire night

The snow starts to fall

The cold air brushing through my face

The snow is melting as Summer arrives

Leaving the mint , green grass slippy and soggy

As dogs run around they tumble and toss

It’s lunchtime now at the illuminations in Blackpool

The Blackpool rocks are sweet as ever

The salt and vinegar from the fish and chip shops rushed through my nose

The smell of the  vanilla and strawberry ice cream flouted in the air

The light flickers on and everyone wow’s

The seagulls stop squirming and settle on the ocean

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