Fire Breather by Eben

In the land of Neverbelieve, I saw a fire breather clawing at the door of the ice palace trying to eat the ice queen .
In the land of Neverbelieve,I touched the fur of a majestic snow white wolf its fur was as soft as a cloud in the sky.
In the land of Neverbelive, I heard the wail from an mighty and marvellous eagle soaring through the sky it was as graceful you would’ve thought it was a dove.
In the land of Never believe , I fought a warrior my shield was as strong as a wall made out titanium made from the depths of volcano.
In the land of Neverbelieve, I captured a baby sky wander which had firey gold wings coated with a fury coat.
In the land of Neverland , I made a sword which had a blade of molten lava from the depths of mount Vesuvius.
In the land of Neverbelieve , I learned how to make a potion of invisibility which had emeralds from the wimping willow.
In the land of Neverbelieve, I smelled the saltiness of the sea crashing against the waves the home for sea drivers.

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